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Imported quality materials

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Passion for a unique resource

The imported premium wood-based materials (melamine boards), used to craft E³.SPACE’s modular kitchen, wardrobe and built-in furniture (cabinet carcass, part of cabinet doors and drawer fronts selection), are handpicked meticulously from the finest range of EGGER products from Europe.

EGGER is a lively, large international family and one of the leading European companies in the wood-based materials industry. Founded in 1961, its headquarters is located in St. Johann in Tyrol (Austria). As a full-range supplier of solid wood and wood-based materials, they create “More from Wood” everyday with  10,100 employees all around the world.

 EGGER thinks internationally and acts locally: from their bases in Europe, they supply globally. They are represented in 20 plants across Europe and America, with more than 26 sales offices around the world. 

Innovative interior design surface solution

Convincing in terms of look and feel

Surfaces influence us in our living space. Colours, textures and degrees in lightness make us feel comfortable and more connected with our homes.

With interior design requirements of living and working spaces getting more and more demanding and in order to meet the needs of end consumers, products have to be convincing in terms of look and feel. For EGGER, design is not only the question of appearance, but also one of economy and functionality. Their designs are therefore a bit more unusual than others. In other words, they are long-lasting.

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High quality, robust and lasting

EGGER decorative wood-based materials

EGGER’s high-quality decorative wood-based materials (melamine boards) score points with its modern, trendy designs and colours along with its extraordinary properties. It is more stable and robust compared to other conventional wood-based materials.


The innovative decorative wood-based materials (melamine boards) are suitable for all indoor living spaces. Selected decorative wood-based materials come with moisture resistance that is suitable for usage in areas with high humidity. 

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Good Light

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Anti-peeling property

For long lasting surfaces

We often come across surfaces of our kitchen, wardrobe or built-in furniture that start to delaminate after a period of time. 


You start to realise the peeling edge and bubbling in the center, this is a common problem as the adhesive that holds the laminate can lose adhesion over time.


The surface of the wood-based material (melamine boards) we import from EGGER is thermally fused directly to the substrate in Europe. This creates an ultra-strong bond with the substrate and overcomes the common peeling issue.

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Offering absolute transparency, a green signal gets in sight

“For EGGER, wood is a working material and a valuable resource. EGGER manufactures a wide range of products for furniture and interior design from nature’s number one renewable resource, wood. They act sustainably, conserve resources and protect the climate, thereby contributing to sustainable development and underlining their promise: “More from Wood.”

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Healthier living starts with EGGER

Breathe easy with better indoor air quality

EGGER recognises the special qualities of wood: the homely and natural warmth it brings. They are also aware of the growing importance of indoor air quality, as homes are becoming more insulated and draught-free. Hence they are intensively testing the emission of their products and also have them measured by independent institutes. Promoting better health and creating a pleasant atmosphere both play a major role in the future development of their materials and surfaces.     

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JP F0,3 (F****) / ENF MR

EGGER Eurodekor MFC
Abides by the lowest
Formaldehyde emission standard of
F**** / ENF (lowest emission in the industry)

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Singapore Green Label

Green Label Certification
EGGER Eurodekor MFC
Made from recycled material

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EGGER Eurodekor MFF
Abides by the American
Formaldehyde emission standard of

Built-in furniture that fits right in with the best brands

Backed by the best brands

A good built-in furniture needs a good solution. To achieve this, our built-in furniture requires a blend with top quality European furniture/connecting fittings. We work with the leading specialists in this field.