The practical and affordable modular solution for all living spaces
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Modular kitchens and wardrobes to match your lifestyle

Refined simplicity through our flexible modular system

Step into the heart of every home with a new generation of home planning with Modulo.

At Modulo, we provide affordable modular built-in furniture solutions for kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms and living rooms that are inspired by design, innovation, functionality and durability. 

​Living room  .  Kitchen  .  Bedroom  .  Bathroom

Modulo, a quality brand 

Designed precisely for you

​A home that fits yours needs

Not only is Modulo is economical, it offers an extraordinary variety of modules and design elements for home interiors – creating new solutions beyond the conventional planning and accommodating today’s modern interior design demands.

​It also backed up by a new generation of space planning, offering not just optimal space for smaller areas but timeless aesthetics. 

The highly versatile modular system

Affordable . Functional . Efficient . Adaptable

Modulo offers comprehensive interior design services, in-house advanced manufacturing to professional installation. Whether you’re planning to renovate your dream home or remodel your current one, our highly trained specialists and our extensive modular system will help you turn your ideals into reality.   

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Affordable Price

Budget-friendly modular system, without compromising on quality and aesthetics

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Space Management​

Ensuring that your spaces are fully utilised

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Our Quality Promise

Backed with 3 years guarantee and 1 complementary maintenance visit

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Sleek and Stylish

If you like modern, stylish, neat and clean lines, Modulo is for you​

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Healthier Indoor
​​Air Quality

Utilising reduced Formaldehyde wood based materials

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Software Driven
​Machine Made

All panels are meticulously crafted with precision and consistency by advanced machinery ​

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Array of
​Module Design

We offer more than a thousand different module designs to suit each and every individual's needs

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Your Space,
Your Specific Lifestyle

Spaces tailored to fit any lifestyle

Why Modulo?

The solution for modular kitchens and wardrobes

 Less mess 
Our modular kitchens and wardrobes are done in workshop, and are ready to be installed easily at your home, greatly reducing the output of debris and mess for you.

Wide variety of colours, textures and finishes
Enjoy our wide selection of colours, textures and finishes – ranging from uni colours to woodgrain pattern, synchronised woodgrain textures that look and feel exactly like natural wood and finishes from ultra high gloss to ultra matt.  

Ergonomically designed
Our modular kitchen and wardrobe system is backed by agronomical facts to provide home owners with optimal functionality and efficiency. 

Fully functional storages
The modular kitchen and wardrobe units come designed with functional storage accessories to maximise storage capacity and  functionality.   

 More space
Our modular kitchen and wardrobe system utilises every centimeter of your available space, ensuring that you get the most out of it.

Perfect finish, always
Driven by advanced software and crafted by state-of-art machinery, we promise you with better finishing and perfect alignment.

Designed for you, by you
With over a thousand different kitchen and wardrobe module unit, we are capable of tailoring your available space to fit your lifestyle needs.

 A safer place to be
Modulo utilises reduced formaldehyde wood based materials, protecting you and your family against harmful emissions.

Affordable and premium built
With all the advantages of a modular kitchen and wardrobe, you might be expecting it to be extremely expensive. Good news is, we want you to benefit from the modular system, that is why we are marking it affordable for all.

Feature Projects

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