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Redefine your interior design with style and precision

Modern interior design with cutting-edge carpentry

For more than 25 years, we have fared well in areas of carpentry technology, exceptional materials and people. We are committed to produce quality interior designs when creating your personalised interior lifestyle. Every space will be personalised and crafted specially for you.
We have the solution for any challenge to come. A solution that makes your desired lifestyle come easy through a methodical approach on our end.  We do not compromise durability or safety as we believe that all homes should be a safe and comfortable place for everyone.


All of our customised modular kitchen, wardrobe and built-in furniture is crafted to the highest standard. In order to illustrate this quality, we voluntarily extend to our consumers a 5-years guarantee covering manufacturing defects, quality of workmanship and material defects.

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From ideas to reality, a guide to your dream home

Let us accompany you on this journey to premiumness

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Presentation of Proposal

Our expert will deliver the proposal to you based on your layout, lifestyle needs and design concept you have in mind

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Refining Design

Refine and confirm on details, materials finishes, fittings and accessories to complete your dream home

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Cost Indication

Based on confirmation, we provide price transparency of costing along with the breakdown in full detail

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Processing Order

Transfer confirmed order into (CAD/CAM) software to be sent for advanced machinery production

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In-house installer team will manage every aspect of installation on-site for the best finishing result

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Quality & Service Promise

To illustrate our commitment, our built-in furniture comes with 5 years guarantee and 3 after sales on-site visit​

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The smart software: imos

​​Consistent and smart

At E³.SPACE, we utilise an advanced software platform, imos, to plan, present, construct, and finally to produce your desired home. imos software applications benefit from simplicity, efficiency and innovation with high quality “Made-in-Germany” standards. 


The branch-specific 3D construction tools are linked to our modern woodworking machinery and new communication platforms. Individual furniture modules or complex interior design concepts can thus be achieved. With imos, we can design with detailed accuracy and consistency that guarantees a safer manufacturing process while reducing human errors.

With imos, we can design with detailed accuracy and consistency that guarantees a safer manufacturing process while reducing human errors.

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The machine-made magic, called modular built-in furniture

Precision . Predictability . Reassurance

The outstanding quality standards of machine-made modular built-in furniture sets us apart from the rest. Today, manufacturing built-in furniture without powerful and reliable carpentry machinery is no longer feasible. Our advanced and comprehensive range of proprietary facilities and cutting-edge carpentry machinery have revolutionised the industry. This is especially important while working with advanced furniture fittings to ensure that its functionality is kept in its highest standard with precision through the use of technology. Our proprietary state-of-the-art carpentry machinery from Germany is specially build for precision and consistency while reducing human errors.

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Entrust the quality of your modular built-in furniture in our hands. Our production line are certified with ISO 9001, ISO 45001 and ISO 14001 certifications.

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ISO 9001

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ISO 45001

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ISO 14001

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Our professional installation team

Organised . Professional . Efficient

Our in-house professional team of installers are a team of qualified specialists, trained in installing our modularize system and advanced furniture fittings/connecting fittings to help you get the most out of your new modular built-in furniture.

We recommend using qualified installers to assemble and manage every aspect of the installation of your cabinetry for the best finishing result. This can be achieved with the help of our in-house installer team, Proman..

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Good things are meant to be shared

Thanks you Mediacorp for featuring us

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A special thank you to Mediacorp for featuring our showroom on the variety show mySPACE on the renovation tips “Creative Design Ideas: Modular Kitchen” and “Creative Design Ideas: Modular Wardrobe”.

Modular kitchen enables better usage of kitchen space. It allows homeowners to create specific designs and positions based on their usage habits. Click below to find out more!
Beside been aesthetically appealing, modular wardrobe has multi-fictional capability which can satisfy one’s practical needs. Click below to find out more!