The Vivid

Luminous depth for distinctive designs
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The Vivid High Gloss Acrylic

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For your premium ideas

The Vivid series provide a sleek, modern appearance in interior design with superior gloss and colour depths. The ultra-gloss surface makes a bold statement for luxury, while the mirror glass surface help make spaces look brighter and bigger.

Low Formaldehyde
Low Formaldehyde
Ultra High Gloss

Ultra High Gloss

Seamless Edge

Seamless Edgebanding

PUR Adhesive Lamination

PUR Adhesive Lamination

Moisture resistance

Moisture Resistance

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The Vivid series are created using German laminating technologies and adhesives, offering optimum surface flatness.


This means sharper reflection and excellent bonding performance. Apply on the kitchen and wardrobe cabinet door fronts for a sleek and modern look.


It also comes complemented with a seamless edge, defining elegance coupled with quality innovation to ensure key performance while having reduced formaldehyde emission.


However, looks count for nothing if they diminish over time. The Vivid series are equipped with superior UV resistance to prevent discolouration after long periods of time. Available in solid colours or metallic varieties.

Achieve a modern look in your home with the Vivid High Gloss Acrylic Panel. Each panel is crafted with a seamless edge that showcases the versatility and sophistication of the acrylic panel, making them perfect for modern homes. Use these panels on surfaces such as the kitchen cabinets, wardrobes or any built-in furniture door fronts for a sleek and polished look.

Normally, achieving high class gloss finishing, means high costs and an even higher maintenance. This is not the case with our Vivid High Gloss Acrylic Panels.

With easier handling, there is huge potential to rethink exclusive high gloss finishes that are so prevalent in both high-end retail, hospitality settings and furniture designs. It is now time to think beyond what was once impossible.

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The raw E0 MDF (0.07ppm), (low Formaldehyde emission) core board with moisture resistant capabilities,  undergoes a series of sanding processes to achieve an optimal surface, in preparation for the lamination process. Carefully chosen premium extruded acrylic sheets delivers quality that promises consistency in colour between batches. 


Utilising state-of-the-art PUR flat lamination line from Germany, a thin layer of PUR adhesive is applied to the core board’s surface before the acrylic sheet comes in contact. All Vivid series comes in dual sided high gloss surface to overcome and minimise warpage issues. Panels are then sealed off using new technologies that achieve visually zero joints. The “zero joint line” are achieved utilizing a special edgebanding tape. 

This layer is fused to the substrate during the edgebanding process by means of thermal techniques. As a result, visually zero joint between the panel and edgeband are achieved. The thermal edging techniques also further enhance the panel against water and moisture.

The Vivid High Gloss Collection

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