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At E³.SPACE, wood is a valuable material that makes up our modular kitchen, wardrobe and built-in furniture. We fabricate green products from wood while promoting sustainability by using wood-based materials (melamine boards) supplied by manufacturers with the same goals to protect the environment. 

We play our part by abiding to the global standard for corporate environmental management with ISO 14001 certification. By making sustainability one of our top priorities, we aim to generate a positive impact for the society and the environment.


Our wood-based material partner

EGGER milestone
for a healthy environment

Sustainability is more than just a word for EGGER, the sustainable use of raw materials is a top priority to them. They achieve this by procurement of wood from sustainable forestry, recycling and generating energy in their own biomass power plants with the latest sustainable processing technology.

EGGER stands for the responsible use of wood. Like in nature, they organise their processes in cycles that conserve resources. Their focus is on the closed material cycle – The EGGER Environmental Cycle. With all that in mind, we import decorative wood-based materials (melamine boards) supplied by EGGER from Europe and craft them into E³.SPACE modular built-in furniture.

Environmental Cycle​

Sustainable forestry

The EGGER timber purchasing guidelines stipulate: ” In addition to the measures they have taken to protect the environment, it is the matter of course for EGGER to comply with national and European laws, in particular the EU Timber Regulation (EUTR), when it comes to the sustainable procurement of wood. At EGGER, they have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to illegal logging. As sustainable forestry is important to them, they support the fight against illegal logging. In addition to the legal regulations in each country of purchase and production, due diligence system is guided by the relevant standards (PEFC & FSC) for sustainable forest management below.

EGGER Ecological Cycle
Sustainable forestry

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Climate change and global warming

Carbon dioxide is one of the greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming. This is generated at several stages along the wood utilisation chain. The production of wood-based materials create greenhouse gases, as does the natural decomposition and degradation of unused wood. When wood is burned, CO2 is released, but CO2 would remain locked if the wood was used to make materials and products.


The wood in EGGER’s products reduce carbon footprint by locking 5.3 million tonnes of CO2 every year. This equates to emissions of 3.2 million of Singapore citizens. EGGER also uses recycled wood in the production, thereby locking 1.73 million tonnes if CO2 per year. Wood that is not suitable for upgrading is transformed into green electricity and heat for their production, eliminating another 1,487,001 tonnes of CO2 from the environment as compared to energy generation using natural gas.

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Wood that is not suitable for upgrading is transformed into green electricity and heat for their production, eliminating another 1,487,001 tonnes of CO2 from the environment as compared to energy generation using natural gas.

An important renewable resource

Wood is a renewable resource that can contribute to sustainability in our industry. Others resources like plastic, metal and glass will take millions of years to regenerate while wood will regrow within a time horizon of a generation. Wood harvested from sustainable forestry also has a smaller carbon footprint compared to other building resources.


Besides being the only renewable material, wood can be also recycled into a new product. Our decorative wood-based materials imported (melamine boards) from EGGER are made from up to 30% recycling material.

EGGER Ecological Cycle

A good product has nothing to hide

In order to provide consumers with the best information, our partner EGGER fully discloses technical and aesthetic properties, product descriptions, test reports and ingredients.


Information on environmental and health aspects is readily available – thanks to ” fully declared” EGGER products. In order to live up to these expectations, EGGER offers the EPD.


EPD stands for Environmental Product Declaration. In this document, EGGER presents all environmentally relevant information concerning any given material, including verified environmental performance assessments.


After all, not only is the energy used and the environment affected when these building materials are used, but also when they are manufactured.

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Besides the EPDs, EGGER also provides the sustainability report that features transparent reporting on the subject of sustainability. EGGER is Europe’s first wood-based materials manufacturer to disclose the environmental performance of its wood-based materials in independently verified EPDs.

ISO 14001 certified production

Our proprietary production facilities are certified with ISO 14001, the global standard for corporate environment management. ​​The certified environmental management system monitors compliance with legislation and helps diminish or avoid negative corporate environmental effects.

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