How to Renovate a Bathroom That You Don’t Feel Like Leaving?

How to Renovate a Bathroom That You Don't Feel Like Leaving?A spa, sauna or a bathroom might add a lot of fluff to your bathroom, but vanity is the “star” of any bathroom, they are the most utilised feature of the bathroom. ​

Traditionally used as a sink, a vanity table now stands for a multipurpose linen supply storage, a medicine cabinet or cleaner storage, a make-up table or maybe even a baby diaper changing table.

However, renovating the bathroom can be a bit overwhelming, given that vanities are usually permanent fixtures of the bathroom, they ought to be well chosen and not lead to any regrets.

In the Bathroom, the Plumbing Comes First

The first step comes about understanding your space well, People tend to think that remodeling a bathroom is a piece of cake and simply involves swapping out an old sink, saying your Sayo Nara to it and filling the space in with a new and glamorous vanity; however, because the bathroom involves plumbing, you need to carefully deconstruct out your step-by-step remodeling plan.

bathroom plumbingYou need to make sure the new fixtures you select would fit the space and take the plumbing of your bathroom to its utmost consideration. So, before you even think about the new vanity or sink you want to buy, establish the basic layout of your new bathroom design.

If the layout is staying the same, take note of the plumbing layout and keep that in mind when you’re shopping for a new sink, toilet, or vanity.

Otherwise, if a vanity really strikes a chord but does fit well with the plumbing system at your place, you may even explore the option of rearranging the layout of your bathroom which may involve rerouting some pipes, this is proven to be an arduous task, but it might be worth the leap!

Don’t Change Your Bathroom “DIY” To a “DIE”

Getting your vanity delivered to your home is only just the beginning of the adventure, which is your bathroom’s renovation. Bathroom remodeling almost always involves plumbing work, even if you have decided not to reroute the pipes or drainage systems.

bathroom renovationInstalling any new bathroom fixtures, such as a toilet, sink, or faucet takes a little plumbing know-how. However, not all of us are as “handy” as we would like to be and when you’re dealing with running water, it’s important to know how to properly uninstall and install bathroom fixtures.

​So, if you’re a novice at plumbing, call a professional, nobody wants their bathroom to turn into a swimming pool at the end of the day.

We, at Ecubespace, provide a team of certified and well-trained professionals who know the pro way around your bathroom’s renovation and lead it to the glamorous dream layout that you have envisioned for yourself.

Marking Your Bathroom Elements Each Other’s Friends

​Selecting that perfect bathroom vanity, sink, and mirror can be more complicated than you think, picking out each feature to it’s own liking may not crack the look you might be envisioning, In order to do that it’s important that each element such as the flooring tiles, the mirror and the sink go well with each other and form cohesiveness in their design.

Bathroom sinkA sink must never be purchased without considering everything else that’s going into your new bathroom design, In most of the cases, the sink is the focal point of the bathroom and ties the entire space together.

If you happen to select a modern sink that does not go well with all the other components in your bathroom, the look and feel of your renovated bathroom can be completely thrown off. When selecting a contemporary sink, find one that matches and fits your new or existing vanity.

Your sink and vanity should appear and function as one solid unit, almost as if they were made for each other. Don’t settle with a sink design just because it’s “trendy” or has a cool shape.

Make sure the sink you select will fit perfectly with your vanity and the new décor of your bathroom. Homeowners should also pay attention to theme and color, from the tile to the bathroom vanities, to even the shower curtains and wallpaper.

The Other Elements in the Bathroom Then Follow Suit

Choose flooring material that are not too slick when wet, and install small handlebars inside the bathroom. The list of design to do’s and not to do’s is endless and can take you to the minutest details. Keeping ergonomics in mind, larger bathroom vanities might help with safety, provided the bathroom has plenty of walking room.

bathroom lightingLighting: Have you ever tried to shave or apply makeup with a single overhead bulb?

Let me save you the trouble, Its nothing but frustrating, recessed lighting is popular in modern bathrooms, However, there should also be ample light installed over the shower and vanity. ​Adding light isn’t enough, though. You should also compare the light fixtures to the paint color.

Yellow-tinged light bulbs and blue paint could result in your skin looking very green. Aim for a combination that produces natural light. After all you don’t want your make up to seem as if it’s done for Halloween.

Style: Your bathroom’s vibe should match both the style of your home and your taste. A grand Victorian bathroom would look out of place in a ranch-style house and a Tudor manse is not the place for a space age shower.

You could include a fancy shower head panel though. When in doubt, go with classic styles and clean lines and choose inviting colors that will continue to be popular years from now, but which also suit your tastes.

Layout: Some remodels can make a bathroom worse. If a room is poorly laid out to begin with, simply replacing the fixtures with today’s larger models could make the room more cramped.

Before you start, consider how you use the bathroom, especially whether you need a separate shower and tub and a one-sink or two-sink vanity. You may find that your needs and wants are different and can adjust your goals accordingly.

Space: Some people are fortunate to have vast bathrooms while others must contend with tiny spaces wedged in as an afterthought. Keeping the laws of ergonomics at the core of design, knowing your space limitations from the beginning is bound to give you a better idea of what’s feasible and what’s not.

You don’t want to end up with an oversized tub you have to step in to get to the toilet. Spatial design after all follows nothing but the phrase “form follows function”.

Maintenance: No one enjoys cleaning the bathroom, no matter what the reward is, hence it’s only going to be a positive experience if one decides it only use surfaces and fixtures that resist stains, mould, and water marks, this would not only make the maintenance less frequent and cleaning easier, but also retain everyone’s ease and conserve the energy and the earth’s resources while at it!

Hopefully, This article has brought to light a clear and wonderous renovation path to reach your dream bathroom at your own home! After all, home is where you’re most comfortable using the bathroom, might as well make it a great one!

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