A Whole New Look (5 Room HDB BTO)

5 room HDB BTO living roomAfter many years of being in the industry, we have noticed that couples and families usually have a general sense of interior design style in mind, when it comes to renovation.

That may be Scandinavian, Modern Classic, Minimalist, or some may even choose to wing it, and see how it goes. Some even prefer to consult interior designers/ specialists on what suits their vibe best.

After all, you form your life’s core memories around your home, it dictates the experiences you have, it is hence key that your home becomes a way for the homeowners to express their styles.

Looking for a house revamp? Don’t let inspiration like this miss your eye. ​In this case, the homeowners, Emily and Wong were adamant that the entire communal area open emphasised visual connectivity, and so we delivered!

5 room HDB BTO bedroomEmily was also keen on incorporating minimalist principles into their 5-room BTO flat in Sengkang to create a practical, easy-to-maintain home.  They were extremely grateful on how everything eventually came together in a way that perfectly balances form and function.

​Initially, the couple was looking to use wooden flooring for the entirety of the house, but eventually used it solely for the bedroom in order to make it more inviting and warmer. It is known to bring in a really classy, timeless look, so they figured it would look good with what they already had.

​The homeowners gravitated towards a darker colour theme as they felt that it was easier to maintain, given their slightly clumsy attitude, they incorporated the colours to  present a neat, uncluttered look, leaving the bathroom looking posh and that of a resort look alike. With time, anyone could happily get used to this!

5 room HDB BTO bathroom5 room HDB BTO bathroom5 room HDB BTO bathroomEmily and Wong decided to keep their carpentry simple, where it provides sufficient storage space while also keeping the look neat.

There was no room for ‘fancy carpentry’ that some of the other houses have, since they don’t give you the flexibility to switch things around and experiment over time.

However, another way they established was to have a few signature interior decoration pieces which pulled the house together, giving a few spaces the spotlight it deserves.

The decoration went well with the minimalistic furniture tying the entire interior of the home together.

5 room HDB BTO living room5 room HDB BTO living room5 room HDB BTO living roomFor the kitchen, the couple chose to opt for matte texture surfaces (Perfectsense Matt series).

This was an obvious choice, because Emily would be finicky about the fingerprints being visible, on comparing them to standard surface. Knowing Wong, they would be very particular about it.

And, come on, at the end of the day who doesn’t like a classy matte finish?

5 room HDB BTO kitchenThe modular structure of the kitchen helped in establishing flexibility and functionality at the same time. Having deep cabinets which could be pulled out all the way from Blum were a great way to meet their storage needs.

Having an apartment which just screams ‘THIS IS SO US’ is one of the best privileges of life and your own unique identity.

​Fortunately, the renovation was a smooth sailing process, given the new post pandemic time and Emily and Wong were in love with their revamped home, because after all, that’s the ultimate end goal for any home renovation. ​

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