Got Baby (and Renovation) on Your Mind?

Renovating your new home to welcome your first child can be a challenge, Here are a few things to beware of.

Don’t Forget to Lock the Kitchen Door

Got baby and renovation in your mindA baby is bound to grow into a toddler, who is most likely going to be fascinated by the wonders of what a kitchen can do.

Snacks in the fridge, many colorful, wonderous smells, fancy utensils to explore, shelves and cabinets to climb on, this the equivalent of Universal studios Singapore in Sentosa, for every single child when they first enter the newly renovated kitchen.

However, how much ever of sensory wonderland it is, it’s equal amounts dangerous, with the glass ware, stove, flammable items or any food item just off the stove.

During the renovation planning stage, do consider incorporating sliding doors with locks or glass doors that can help you to keep your eyes on the little ones while being away in the cooking area, and keep the area clear from any potential mishaps. Ecubespace can help you customize your design in order to fit your baby proofing needs.

Use Low Formaldehyde Emitting Built-in Furniture

Use low Formaldehyde emitting built-in furnitureIt is to no one’s surprise that wood-based furniture of any kind emits formaldehyde. Originating from the furniture’s adhesive, this is a toxic gas which is being constantly emitted all around your home, at all times, slowly causing harm to you and your little one.

Formaldehyde is proven to be a cause for increasing allergies, rashes, developing asthma etc, in severe cases its constant exposure can even be a cause for cancer. These risks can be heightened in the case of a new born baby, whose immunity is still a work in progress and has a long way to go.

In order to protect yourself and your new born, it is essential that you tackle this potentially grave issue at its root, by consciously choosing built-in furniture that is safe to be used around your child.

Ecubespace hence provides an effective solution by using wood-based materials which is only accepted by the strictest standards that exist in the world today. The ultra – low formaldehyde emission from its furniture is guaranteed to cross of health risks from your checklist of worries.

The seal of approval comes from its  0.03 ppm formaldehyde emission test, thanks to our source of wood-based materials from EGGER, who do not compromise in any way. ​

Built-in Storages at Your Home’s Entry Point

Built-in storages at your home's entry pointBabies come with their own set of baggage that parents have to carry, be it diaper bags, snacks, toys, car seats etc , the list is never ending. However, how hard would life be if all these items were to exist in different corners of the house.

It only makes sense to keep your folding stroller at the entry point of the house, then why compromise on everything else?

We at Ecubespace, can ensure that your homes layout works for you and your needs. Built-in furniture is our forte and we understand that having an entry storage to store everything you need for kids’ day out will help you save the time spent running around the house to pick up all the things you need.

Being a new parent is hard enough, why not make it a bit easier by adapting your home’s layout to fit your new lifestyle?

Safety Space It Out

Surprise, surprise! Your child is not going to be confined to just a play pen, and shouldn’t be either. It’s best to build happy and healthy habits when they’re young, of them being allowed to explore and venture to every nook and corner and cultivate a liking for the outdoors It’s always better for your children to be able to soak in the morning sun.

Safely space it outMoreover, since children nowadays are so dependent on the Ipad at home, the games on your Iphone and it’s even hard for them to swallow their food if their favorite television programs are not playing in the background, while they eat.

To keep them entertained, having an outdoor area can encourage physical activities and promote healthy routines.

These habits are bound to go a long way into their toddler lifestyle and drive their upbringing in the right direction. However, exploring and adventuring is no fun for neither you or your child if you’re constantly worried about your baby getting injured or being at risk, hence it’s much better to curate your environment wisely so your baby learns to trout about anywhere and everywhere with nothing but confidence!

This can be achieved by:

  • Organizing all the electrical cables with neat and clear cable management boxes. These help to keep the cables out of sight and prevent your child from being tempted to pull on them.


  • Covering unused outlet plugs that are within reach with clear outlet covers, preventing your baby from sticking their cute little fingers in them.


  • Check for sharp edges and corners. Install corner guards on them.


  • Consider installing window grills to prevent accidental falls and mishaps through open windows. Invisible grilles afford protection without too much visual obstruction. Sometimes this helps in preventing things going missing. Babies love to throw things around. You’ll be thanking us when your phone is saved from being thrown out of the window on your high-rise apartment on the 40th floor.


  • If possible, you can build a higher fence (ideally 150 centimeters) so that they can’t reach up and climb over the window’s/ balcony’s protecting bars.


  • If your TV’s on a stand or console, it’s best to secure it to the wall to prevent it from toppling over. On top of that, the wires will be hidden, so your little ones won’t mess around with them “for fun”. Phew.


  • Secure any other heavy furniture e.g. bookshelves onto the wall.

Think About How Your Built-ins Can Be Converted in Future

Having secured and closed shelves and ample of storage is definitely going to avoid all the “Can’t reach! Might fall down!” omnipresent worries racing across your mind.

Loose furnishings are much more versatile and can be shifted around or sold on Carousell if you outgrow the style, however, built-in’s are here to stay and here to help you live more conveniently.

The moral of the story is to think about how built-ins will fit into your future lifestyle and be considerate of a kid-friendly renovations instead. A child is going to turn your life around, your home is bound to follow suit. We wish you a happy new phase in life and living!

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