9 Green HDB Renovation Ideas for Energy Savings

9 Energy-saving HDB Renovation Ideas to Go Green When it comes to HDB renovations, it is always the choice between aesthetics and cost. Of late, we’ve added one more to this list – sustainability. An increasing number of homeowners have become conscious about conserving the environment.

From reclaiming used furniture to replacing light fixtures, they have started embracing eco-friendly upgrades for their homes.

If you’re considering refurbishing your home, we’ve rounded up 10 energy-saving HDB renovation tips to create a healthier living space.

Not only this, thank us later for the savings on your utility bills!

Insulate Walls, Windows and the Attic

Insulate Walls, Windows and the AtticHome heating takes the largest share of energy consumption. It therefore goes without saying that it is the highest contributor to your energy bills.

Checking the insulation around your home, especially points that help heat escape, can improve energy efficiency. This includes the walls, the windows and especially the attic (sees the most heat loss). Cellulose, icynene, denim and therma cork are your options for effective home insulation.

Plug the Leaks and Gaps

Plug window Leaks and GapsHeat find their way into your home through gaps between the windows and the frames. During your HDB renovations, do not forget to check and caulk the gaps. Examine the weatherstripping fitted on the outside. Replace if required.

Check around the ducts for leaks. Leakages could cause air (cooled) to escape putting additional pressure on your homes cooling systems. Consult our Singapore interior designers on having them sealed.

Invest in Energy-efficient Light Fixtures

Invest in Energy-efficient Light FixturesThis is the easiest and least expensive HDB renovation you can start with. Switch the older incandescent bulbs and tube lights with LED lightbulbs or CFL lamps rated for their energy efficiency.

LED bulbs have the same light output with lowers emissions of carbon dioxide. They give off less heat and last longer than conventional lighting fixtures. They also cut costs on your energy bills.

If you live in an area that receives a lot of sunlight, think of skylight. Incorporate one in your living or bedroom design. The natural sunlight goes a long way in brightening up a room. Do check with our expert Singapore interior designers a skylight is a possibility with your home structure.

Energy-efficient Appliances for a Smart Kitchen Design

Energy-efficient Appliances for a Smart Kitchen DesignAppliances with their energy star ratings are all the rage in modern homes.

These includes refrigerators, microwaves, dishwashers, heaters, washing machines. These appliances are designed to consume less electricity, helping you make a positive impact on the environment.

Low-flow Shower Heads for Your Bathroom Interior Design

Low-flow Shower Heads for Your Bathroom Interior DesignThere’s nothing more refreshing than a cool, shower bath. Those jets of water hitting your head hits differently. However, showers can cause a lot of water wastage. Opt for low-flow shower heads for a water-efficient bathroom interior design.

Lower shower heads feature smaller holes. They produce the same water pressure as a traditional shower design, in fact, using a smaller quantity of water. This helps conserve water while also reducing the amount of energy required to constantly heat water.

Get a Smart Meter for Better Accountability

Get a Smart Meter for Better AccountabilityHaving an eco-friendly home is also about maintaining discipline. Smart meters have been designed to make this possible.

A smart meter helps you keep track of your electricity consumption. It has several advantageous features such as energy consumption feedback, carbon footprint reading and power bill projections.

This helps one adjust their energy consumption behaviour as required. Don’t forget to add one to your list of HDB renovation must-buys.

Switch to Solar Energy

Switch to Solar EnergySolar power is a clean and green source of energy – therefore best method to reduce carbon footprint.

With the right set up to meet your energy requirements, renewable sources will reduce your dependence on other non-renewable sources of energy.

Think of Water Conservation

Think of Water ConservationLeaky faucets in the bathroom and kitchen also tend to waste a lot of water.

HDB renovations should fix clogged and leaky faucets. Our bathroom interior designers also recommend reducing water usage by switching to dual flush toilets.

Low or No VOC Built-in Furniture and Wall Paints

Low or No VOC Built-in Furniture and Wall PaintsWood based materials and oil-based pigments paint have a large quantity of volatile organic compounds. They pollute air as they are the source of harmful toxins. Water-based paints or those with no VOC are a better option.

HDB renovations can be an expensive affair. And, adding energy saving upgrades can up the costs further. However, look at the benefits in the long run. It totally justifies the extra bucks spent on your renovations.

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