Dark Vs. Light – What to Choose for Your Home Renovation Singapore

Dark Vs. Light – What to Choose for Your Home Renovation Singapore Are you adventurous enough to go bold and bright for your bedroom design? Or do you prefer the safety of those neutrals?

Choosing the appropriate colour scheme is every homeowner’s dilemma. And while that choice is a matter of personal preference, it also depends on other factors – the size of the room, the amount of natural light and the style you want to achieve.

You don’t want to regret the time, effort and money spent on your HDB renovations, right?

Read on to know how to make different colours work for your home.

Plan to Sell? Go for an All-white Interior Design

Plan to Sell? Go for an All-white Interior DesignIf you keep moving homes, consider it when planning your HDB renovations. Bold and dark colours make for a trendy interior design, but they are ephemeral. A darker, bolder shader might not reflect the personality or style of a prospective buyer.

Not only this, the need for extensive interior painting post-purchase will definitely reduce the number of interested buyers. White and neutral shades create an appearance of a clean space. To add, it gives future owners a blank canvas to personalise as they please.

Little or No Sunlight

Little or No SunlightThe thumb rule is to pick a lighter palette to create the illusion of a brighter, larger space. However, that happens only when the walls reflect the natural light.

White wall paint in a low-lit area can, in fact, make your room look dark and dull. Bright and warm tones sit well on these walls.

Fancy Contemporary Interior Designs?

Fancy Contemporary Interior Designs?Settle for a light colour scheme. For those who love decorating or embrace the latest home design trends, whites and neutrals guarantee the most freedom.

You can keep refreshing your living, kitchen or bedroom designs by simply swapping the décor; no need for a fresh coat of paint.

Go Darker for a Smaller Space

Go Darker for a Smaller SpaceDid you go back to reread the sentence? You can use a dark colour for your small bedroom design. Darker colours add depth and lengthen the room, height-wise.

Of course, there are rules one must follow. It should be a low-light room else you run the risk of your room looking washed out. Instead of darkening all the walls, select surfaces. Choose the right finishes; dark glossy surfaces can look tacky.

Pair dark walls with contrasting furniture. Test the colours on a small patch to check how they would actually look. And if still in doubt, contact one of our Singapore interior designers for consultation.

Consider the Purpose of the Room

Consider the Purpose of the RoomYou might have a spare bedroom in your HDB. If you plan to refurbish it in the near future, for instance convert it to a permanent guestroom or a kid’s bedroom, we would advise against a dark colour. Lighter hues are easier to customise than those darker shades.

The style you want to create is another determinant.

Scandinavian interior designs feature neutral or all-white interiors paired with earth shades. You will find bold colours in a modern interior design.

DIY or Professional

painting homeFor amateurs taking the DIY route on their HDB renovations, we would advise settling for lighter palettes. Painting is a skill not everyone has; and, darker shades demand it more. Darker colours are quick to show imperfections and faults.

The walls must be prepped well – sanded and smoothed – to ensure a flawless finish. It may also require touch ups that could end up looking patchy when not done well. If you have the extra money to spare, call in the experts for your HDB interior painting.

Want a Cozy Space?

a Cozy SpaceLight colours tend to recede, while darker colours move things nearer. Thus, neutral shades will make your room look fresh, bright and airy.

Darker interiors, on the other hand, create that cozy vibe you crave for, especially in a bedroom design. Add in some warm lights and you will never feel like getting out of bed.

Light Colours for Low Maintenance

Light Colours for Low MaintenanceDark colours, if they are to look good, must be maintained. The best paints tend to fade overtime. They will need a new coat to freshen them up.

Also, dark colours are not a great option if you have toddler who makes the wall their canvas. Stains and scruff marks are more visible on darker walls. They show up on lighter coloured walls too; the only difference is they are easier to clean.

To conclude, dark or light colours, they each have their advantages. The neutral palette or all white interior design has been the people’s favourite in Singaporean homes. It need not be yours. Consider the structure of your home and the look and feel you want to create to choose the colour most suited to your home.

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