Useful Colour Design Ideas and Tips for Your HDB Renovations

Useful Colour Design Ideas and Tips for Your HDB RenovationsThe choice of colours is one of the most challenging decisions on HDB renovations.

Even after you have selected the colour chips, there’s always that nagging thought – What if it is too dark? What if it is too washed out?

There’s Very Little Scope to Regret It Once the Wall Colours Go Up!

There’s Very Little Scope to Regret It Once the Wall Colours Go Up!The ideal HDB colour palette should complement the existing décor be it contemporary, trendy or oriental interior design. It should make your space feel vibrant and inviting, giving it its unique personality.

Dig into the symbolism of colours, factor in the dimensions of your HDB apartment and the tone you want to set to choose the right HDB colour designs.

And, if you are still struggling for inspiration, continue reading. From bold accent walls to subtle pastel shades, our interior design company Singapore will help you choose colours that are practical and stylish.

7 Colour Design Ideas for Your HDB Renovations

Earthy tones

Earthy tones

Brown and the shades of tan are the dominant colours here. Incorporate these warm, earthy hues or neutral tones in the form of varied wooden textures rather than wall colours. Pair it with some green and white to create a nature-inspired look.



On the other side of the colour spectrum, among the cooler shades, is grey. It is ideal for an HDB kitchen design; you can combine it with blues and greens or simply layer it with light and darker shades of grey.

White Interior Design

White Interior Design

Truth be told, it is hard to nail the all-white look. White looks clean and fresh. It’s perfect for small HDB flats because it reflects light and makes the space feel open and airy. The trick lies in the layering.

Nevertheless, an all-white interior design can be complemented with lighter coloured furniture. If you dare to go bold, there is the classic black and white combination. Opt for the brown-white blend if you want to create a minimalist, Scandinavian look.

Off-white Tones

Off-white Tones

For those that don’t like the stark appearance of white, the subtle shades of cream, beige, ivory and taupe are suitable alternatives. They are light and airy. They create the same relaxing atmosphere.

They are homier and cozier. Besides, these neutrals offer greater flexibility in their colour combinations.

Darker Tones

Darker Tones

Interior designers will often tell you to steer clear of darker shades for smaller HDBs for the fear of making it look smaller. It depends on how it is worked into your interior designs.

The thumb rule – use darker elements, but in a smaller amount. This is could mean darker furniture in a neutral-coloured room or a dark colour accent wall. Homeowners would, however, be required to be meticulous about the lighting to brighten up the space.

Pale Blues and Greens

Pale Blues and Greens

These minty shades are extremely calming. They create a feeling of spaciousness and serenity, ideal for a space-constrained HDB apartment. These shades looking striking and stand out when paired with earthy tones. They have this minimalist vibe which immediately refreshes the room.

Pop of Colour

Pop of Colour

Don’t shy away from using colour. Reds, yellows, teals, and darker blues are happy colours and bring in a burst of energy.

6 Colour Design Tips for Your HDB Renovations

Consider the Overall Design of Your HDBConsider the Overall Design of Your HDB

What is your style? Are you looking at traditional or modern interior design?

There are colour palettes that define different styles. A modern interior decorating style leans towards white, grays, tans or soft blues and greens.

Think About the Mood You Want to CreateThink About the Mood You Want to Create

Blue is calming, white is fresh and clean while red adds an excitement and burst of energy.

The colours you select will play a big role in creating the mood you desire to.

Factor in the Lighting in Your HDBFactor in the Lighting in Your HDB

Different types of lighting can change the way colours look. Therefore, consider how natural and artificial light will affect the paint colours you select.

Test Out Paint SamplesTest Out Paint Samples

Before making a final decision. Paint chips may look different once they’re applied to your walls.

Work With a ProfessionalWork With a Professional

If you’re unsure about choosing the right colours for your home. A Singapore interior designer can help you select the perfect shades depending on the final look you intend to achieve – brighter, larger or livelier.

Stick to Few, Complementary ColoursStick to Few, Complementary Colours

Avoid mixing too many colours within the same space. It looks chaotic and disturbing.

Choosing the right colour for your HDB can be a daunting task. With so many colours and shades to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start. If only you stick to the home renovation Singapore tips given above, it should be a smooth sail for you.

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