Trendy Interior Design: Your Guide to Contemporary Home Styling

8 Ways to Nail the Bold and Trendy Interior Design Colour SchemeIf you’ve read through countless HDB renovation guides, we’re sure you’ve heard most Singapore Interior Designers endorse the neutral colour palette.

Most of us shy away from bold colours for the fear of doing it wrong. Darker shades can be overpowering. But it is not just that!

Homeowners believe that bold interior design colours, like fashions, are ephemeral. Not only this, they restrict one’s options for the other design elements; creating a seamless look requires the elements to blend and not clash.

Hear it from the expert Singapore Interior Designers on incorporating colours in your HDB renovation.

Coloured Modern Interior Furniture

Coloured Modern Interior FurnitureNot all HDB renovations call for complete replacement. Furniture can always be reconditioned and remodeled.

For instance, spruce up your HDB kitchen design with a fresh new decors for your cabinet door fronts. Your sofa or arm chair in the living room could be a zingy bright colour.

Ensure that the colours you choose blend with the rest of your colour scheme.

Infuse Colour With Furnishings

Infuse colour with furnishingsFor those still not convinced about a coloured wall, settle for brighter shades in upholstery. Choose between solid colours and patterned fabrics; it is the easiest and cheapest way to give your room its unique character.

Bring colour to your modern classic living room with a set of solid pillows in single or contrasting colours. Your other options are a large bed cover or a duvet.

Paint Them Walls

Paint Them WallsLive out your heart’s desire by plastering all the walls of your home in vibrant hues. We’ve seen homes look enticing in classic orange, yellow, blues, lime-green, pink, aqua, electric green and teal.

The trick to make it work for your HDB bedroom design or HDB kitchen design is to pair it with muted furniture. You can tone down the colour by opting for an accent wall instead of all four coloured walls.

This accent wall becomes the focal point in the room. Give your room a striking look with other décor in contrasting shades.

Textured, Coloured Wall-paper

Textured, Coloured Wall-paperPaired with a neutral palette, wallpaper is another option to liven up a space. Whether you are looking at refurbishing your living, kitchen or HDB bedroom design, the options are endless.

They are available in different colours and feature different motifs and patterns. Wallpaper also adds variety in textures.

Take It to the Ceiling

Take It to the CeilingWho said colours should be restricted to the four walls of your home?

Modern interior designs add sophistication by extending the wall colours to the ceiling. Another option is to marry a bold-colour ceiling with neutral or toned walls.

Statement Flooring

Use bold coloured flooring as the focal point of your room. They can liven up otherwise dull and boring areas such as the hallway. Instead of flooring, you can add a zing to your HDB kitchen design with a coloured/patterned tile backsplash.

White Interior Design and Multicolored Artwork

White Interior Design and Multicolored ArtworkStill a loyal of the neutral palette? Never mind.

You can beef up the whites, tans, greys and browns with multicolored artwork. Smaller paintings will be swallowed up by all the white.

Hence, choose a larger piece that becomes the highlight of your modern classic living room.

Carpets and Curtains

CarpetsLooking for budgeted ways to add a pop of colour? Think of a patterned, coloured carpet or rug for your floor.

Be careful to choose a design that’s not too busy; it could make your room look smaller and cluttered.

Other HDB Renovation Colour Tips

  • Instead of using a single colour, you can layer shades of the same colour. Stick to the darker shades for the floor, lighter for the surrounding walls and the lightest for the ceiling.


  • Make sure to choose colours according to the function of the room. For instance, cooler shades such as mint greens and blues are what we recommend for a bedroom design; these colours help you relax and loosen up. Red and darker greens suit a kitchen.


  • Our colour principles suggest bolder colours to highlight a smaller space rather than for a larger room.


  • Stick to a maximum of three colours; too many colours within the same space looks garish.


  • Don’t ditch the colour wheel when choosing colour combinations for your home interiors; either go for contrasting tones or adjacent ones.


  • The colours should be positioned such that they blend smoothly, and not vie for attention.


Colours can brighten up your kitchen, living room or bedroom design. Follow these tips and tricks to perfect your palette and create the picture-perfect home.

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