Kitchen Designs – 6 Tips for the Much-needed Kitchen Makeover

5 Cabinet Designs to Redefine Your HDB Kitchen Design InteriorsYour kitchen sees the most activity in your home; it is where you dish out meals, entertain or supervise your kids as they do their homework.

Therefore, when you visualise your HDB kitchen design, you want to create a space full of warmth; one you will love for years to come. It could be a traditional design that incorporates all the little details and ornamentation.

Or, you could achieve a contemporary look, like an open layout with minimalist details. If you are looking for HDB kitchen design inspirations for cabinets, here are a few ideas to consider. We’ve included complete makeovers as well as small tweaks.


Kitchen StylesConsider the style of cabinets you want. There are shaker style cabinets, louvered, inset, distressed, frame and frameless, and flat panel or slab cabinets.

You can create different interior design styles – Industrial, modern classic, Scandinavian, Cotemporary, Neutral Tones and Oriental interior design styles. The rule is to ensure that the HDB kitchen design you choose should blend with the interiors of the living room and bedroom; you do not want them clashing.

Do a bit of research. Look up images of kitchens to get an idea of the bigger picture; of what will and will not work for you.

Cabinet Door Front Colours

Two tone kitchenPlay around with colours. The use of bold colours is a trend that is fast catching up in HDB renovations Singapore.

It gives your kitchen its unique personality. Will it be too overpowering? Will it make it dated? Not if paired well. The two-tone look is the safest way to introduce colour to your kitchen. Create a focal point – think of a kitchen island placed centre-stage in a darker colour surrounded by contrasting lighter shade cabinets.

Go half-half. Choose one colour for the upper cabinets and a complementary one for the base cabinets. Use the colour blocking technique by dividing your kitchen cabinetry based on colours. Yet another way is to layer different shades of the same colour. Do consider the size of your kitchen while incorporating colours into your kitchen cabinetry design.

Mix Finishes

Mix Finishes in Kitchen One can experiment with finishes too; it creates a visually stunning kitchen design. Choose from a variety of finishes to combine – wood, glass, stone, and stainless steel.

Decorative, available in different textures and colours, can be used too. Glossy surfaces can be teamed with wood grains. For instance, wood cabinets marry well with sleek marble or combine woodgrain with High Gloss door fronts.

If the cabinet carcass is solid, select a different decorative for the door fronts. Ie woodgrain or stone design. There is much you can do with the cabinetry handles too.

Flat cabinets look great with matte fixtures. Traditional, ornamented handles enhance the look of distressed cabinets. You can opt for a no-frills industrial look – white cabinetry, stainless steel countertop and a coloured tile backsplash. Stainless is a budgeted option ideal for heavy-duty cooking. ​

Optimise Kitchen Space

Optimise Kitchen SpaceEvery inch of space in the kitchen is crucial. Small kitchens have the added burden of trying to maximize the available space.

Here’s how to optimize space by changing your kitchen design. Your HDB kitchen design should feature wall and base cabinets. They help designate cooking zones as well as space for appliances. They also keep your kitchen clutter-free. Wall cabinets utilise the vertical space. They can be used to house the hood and other dry items.

Base cabinets can fit the sink, the dishwasher, and the cooking range. Heavier utensils must always be placed in the lower cabinets. Reserve a specific space of the cabinetry for wet works. Yet another style of cabinetry is the parallel design. It features cabinets on two opposite sides of the kitchen with the workflow in between.

Parallel kitchen design ensures easy navigation. It enables one to separate the cooking and prepping stations. Build tall shelving units that reach the ceiling. They come handy to put away items not in regular use. Utilize corner spaces with the help of rotating shelves and draw out units for easy access. ​

Handless Kitchen Cabinets

Handleless Kitchen Cabinets Contemporary designs are all about minimalism and free-flowing designs. Handleless kitchen cabinets are in vogue. They create the appearance of a smooth, continuous design. Handles on cabinets can be replaced with push-open mechanisms.

An alternative is to incorporate recessed handles in the cabinet door design. Recessed handles look classy.They could feature click mechanisms; could be in different colours and materials. Get a few open shelves. They help break the monotony of the boxed-in look of closed cabinets.

Open units could also act as great display units for your kitchen items. ​At the end of the day, your HDB kitchen design should reflect your personal style, the latest trends and interiors that suit the personality of your home. Consult an interior designer Singapore to ensure you get the best value for your money.

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